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Friday, April 29, 2011

52 Weeks of Organizing Master List

I have been participating in Organizing Junkies 52 weeks of organization Check out 52 Weeks of Organizing Here where every week you complete certain de-cluttering / Organizing tasks. I got started way late, but I plan on catching up soon. So here is my 52 weeks project list
Weston's Room
1. Desk Area
2. Under bed Storage
3. Bottom Closet
4. Upper Closet
5. Book Shelves
6. Toys
7. Media
Kelsey's Room
8. Bottom Closet
9. Upper Closet
10. Toys
11. Storage
12. Books
13. Under bed Storage
14. Media
Kids Bathroom
15. Storage
16. Decorate
17. Under Sink
18. Drawers
Hall Closets
19. Linens
20. Games
21. Wrapping Paper / Bag Storage
22. DVD Storage
23. Photo Storage
24. Coats and misc.
Laundry Area
25. Paint Shelves
26. Organize pantry area
27. storage for brooms, vacuums, etc
28. Over washer/dryer units organize
29. Crafts
30. outdoor toys
Living Room
31. Writing Desk
32. Media Cabinet
33. Misc.
Dining Room
34. Buffet Cabinet
     a) Drawers
     b) cabinets
35. Little Buffet Cabinet (AKA School/Misc. Cabinet)
      a) Drawer
      b) Organize baskets
      c) Cabinet
36. Kitchen (note to self do not tackle all at once)
      a) Drawers
      b) cabinets (Lower)
      c) cabinets (Upper)
37. Pantry
38. Freezer
39. Fridge
40. Master Closet Upper
41. Master Closet Lower
42. Master Bathroom
      a) Sink Area
      b) over toilet area
43. Master Bedroom
      a) Dresser
      b) Night Stand
      c) TV Cabinet
      d) Under bed Storage
44. Home Office (AKA next to my bed)
      a) Cabinets
      b) Shelves
      c) Storage
      d) Office Supplies
      e) Filing Cabinets (2)
      f) Books
      g) Media storage
      h) anything i forgot to mention
45. Photos / Memory Storage
46. Turn VHS into DVD
47. Garage ( afraid to look will make that list later)
48. Saturn Outlook
49. Both Work Trucks
50. Anything to do with Business
51. Recipes
52. Yard Area


  1. Jacci, I love your list! I know creating my list has helped keep me on track. Looking forward to seeing your future post on all you accomplish. Thanks for sharing.