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Friday, April 29, 2011

52 Weeks of organizing week 17 Westons Room

Today has definately been a busy day. I was not planning on organizing today because I have so much studying to do for finals week, but I got bored around noon and decided I should go through my sons room. OH MY!!!!! I did not realize how much stuff that boy had. I had to pull out the PROCESS steps for this one BIG TIME...

 Ok so here are my before Pictures. Plan of Attack (EVERYTHING)
I use to have a pretty good system in here, but as you see we have outgrown that system. Now its time for a revision without spending much $$$$$.

Remove everything out of my sons room except bed and TV Stand

 Here is his closet before. Well some of it. My plan is to utilize this closet as much a possible, so that my son has room to play. All the bedrooms in this house are fairly small, but we have huge closets which is a major +++++

After removing all items I sorted into piles.
1) like toys in same pile
2) coloring books
3) books
4) paper
5) crafts

And here comes the big REVEAL........

I moved the desk and bookshelf to the corner of the room.(Process Containerize) The containers I got from the dollar tree you will see them up close in a few. I took the wire thing out of the garage it wasn't getting any use out there and the red bin holds all his build and grow activities from Lowes (untill i can build a better shelf)
This is where the book shelf and dry erase board  use to be. Now its empty with a chair for reading. I am using the dry erase board somewhere alse now, but that will be a later post.
Right here is where the desk use to be. I put a blue container $5.00 at Target over there for stuffed annimals

I already had these containers, but thought they would be perfect for smaller toys. I used my trusty printer, scissors, princess glue, and storage tape to make the tags. I love it
These are the containers from Dollar Tree. I have two this size. 2 a smaller size for the dvds and 2 slightly taller for one for paper and one for TAG books
I moved the bin that was next to the desk inside the closet and it holds socks/ undies/ jammies. The tall looking shelf thing was here when we bought the house there are 4 bins 1 for blankets, 1 for out grown clothes, 1 for shorts, and the bottom one holds trains. The red bin in the corner will go up with the christmas stuff its a Polar Express Train Set. My boy LOVES!!!! TRAINS!!!!!!
I purchased some command hooks and now he can reach his backpack and jacket without help :) I move the toy bin in the closet also it holds legos and misc toys.
The desk yeah!!!! I can see the top. the little blue bin is collapsable (office depot 99cents can you believe that I bought some for the car also.) The brown and black thing is a battery holder my son made. He is a great little handy man.
Here are the other bins on the book shelf wow that looks soooo much better.

Here are the labels I made. It was time consuming, but worth it my son was soooo happy with the results
These are under bed containers I love these. I use them for storing the hot wheels race tracks AND_____
TRAIN Tracks we had a ton, but I'm sneaking some out little by little
Top of bookshelf black basket holds mp3 player and its accessories

Total $ spent
$6.00 for (DT bins)
$2.00 for (OD crates)
$5.00 for (TG blue bin)
$5.00 for (TG over door shore rack)
For a grand total of $18.00 now that makes me smile when i see his nice clean room and it did not cost alot of money.
Well thats all I have for today. Don't forget to check out The Organizing Junkie (52 Weeks)


  1. Looks awesome! :) Stopping by from org junkies blog! :) I became a follower! Erin

  2. Wow great! Now if you can just get him to help pick up his toys!

  3. This looks amazing. Great job.

  4. Fantastic! Would love to see and hear about how you get it to stay that way -- something I always struggle with with my kids.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Makes me feel less desperate to think about our kids room and that I need to do something in there! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  6. Thanks for the encouragement ladies. I started 5 minute missions with my kids for picking up their stuff out of the living room. I set the timer and so far so good. Next I will do 10 min tidy for their bedrooms with the timer. I dont think any longer than that will do much good because of short attention spans lol. Keep up the great work ladie I look forward to reading your accomplishments