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Friday, April 22, 2011

52 weeks of organizing week 16 clean out a drawer

OK this weeks post is about cleaning out Drawers. I have a ton of drawers that need organization, so i picked out 3 that really needed worked on. The first drawer is our school stuff command center area. I used the process steps and bought some containers at the dollar store as you will see in my after pic. Great price 3 for a dollar and still have one left over for a later project.

After :)
The only items i kept in this drawer are the items we use for school daily. 1 container for pens. 1 container for pencils and erasers. My trusty 3 hole punch. The stapler and calculator with its instruction manual.

Next I have this silverware drawer that has always been a mess. I already had containers in there so I mainly took everything out and started from scratch. Threw away or donated anything that we did not use and moved some items to a better place.
Before what a mess!!!

Now this is SO much better I can actually see what I have. I got rid of duplicates and kept the best ones out of the bunch. I don't ever really buy from pampered chef, but a friend of mine started selling it and I just love their measuring devices SO convenient and great for organization. I just had to have them

Before Misc. utensil drawer.

After. Look I can see what I have :)
I got the plastic bins at target about a year ago and never got around to using them thank you Organizing Junkie and all the ladies who share their blogs to bring this momma on a mission lots and lots of motivation.


  1. I so agree, being on this journey with everyone somehow makes it easier. The drawers look good!