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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Letting Go

     I was thinking today about how much people including myself remember so many bad things that happen in our lives, and we tend to forget the good memories we have. I am a pretty positive person, but I have my moments. How many times do we put the blame on someone else for our outlook on life. Like it wasn't our own choice to choose to have the bad attitude or even a bad memory. I have been recording home videos and putting them on dvd and they have brought back so many good memories that I didn't even remember ever happening. How often do we forget the good to remember the bad. The bible says light overcomes darkness. Jesus said to forgive your brother 70 x 7. How can we forgive if we don't try to remember the good. I have thought and thought about these things and how the Bible is true even for today every single word is life. All we have to do is allow Christ into our hearts and we will find forgiveness in ourselves and the sins we have committed also Christ will show us how to love even when we thought we couldn't. Starting today lets take those bad thoughts and memories captive and choose to remember the good. Put life back into our memories.

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