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Friday, May 20, 2011

52 Weeks of organizing week 20 Take back Your Linen Closet

I'm behind on blogging, but not behind on the 52 weeks challenge.  This week Laura talks about taking back your Linen Closet. My Linen Closet does not exist, however I have taken back many other areas of the house, and many areas of the house aka master bedroom/ home office is still a major work in progress. So this week I am going to display a few areas I have been working on using the PROCESS and also talk about how some areas still need more improvement.

Here is a corner in my kitchen that houses the microwave.  I don't have a before picture here. This area stays pretty clean, but I have the occasional pile if dishes, because its right next to the sink. I did want to show off my $2.38 find I found on clearance at Target though. It's the White and silver utensil holder. Isn't it soooo cute I love it. I keep only the things I use most often in it. I love it.

 OK so now to the messy part My kids bathroom aka hall bath. This bathroom gets ignored allot because we mostly use the master bathroom. This is under the sink as you can see no organization what so ever.
 Here is the bathroom After Pics I did not have a before pic because this room was pretty empty and I was not planning to do the whole thing just under the sink, but once I got started I could not stop. The pictures were under the sink and now they are on the wall. I bought the bronze towel rack a few months ago and never got around to hanging it up. Yeah its out of the coat closet floor and put in its rightful place.
 The under sink area is pretty blah but at least its not scattered everywhere. I purged a bunch of things we don't use anymore. I used leftover baskets from previous organizing projects.
 I put a few extra towels the kids use under the sink and put all the sunblock stuff together. I think I still have a few too many of these I need to go through them again.
 I cleaned the mirror. I put a towel on the towel rack and hung another picture
 here is an after pic of the under sink area all together.
 Now doesn't this look inviting to our future guests

I still need to do the drawers they are sooo small I do not have any ideas on how to organize those. If you have any suggestions please feel free to help me out. I am linking up with organizing Junkies 52 weeks you should stop by and take a look at what these amazing ladies do.


  1. Great job Jacci!!! These rooms are so organized and clean!!! Its amazing that this is the home of a mother of two!!! You are an inspiration to all of us :)

  2. Ah your so sweet thank you. There are very few rooms that stay neat all the time. My mom was a mother of 4 and kept her house very clean all the time sometimes I feel embarrassed when she comes by because my home is nowhere near as clean as she kept hers, but I do try. Thankyou again :)