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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Ball is In His Court

So I am in church today praying and God put something in my heart so powerful that I couldn't keep the tears away. I am not a sports fan and I do not watch sports and I praise God my husband does not watch sports, so I know this is from God...

  Today our pastor was talking about one of the essential things that every part of the body should take part in Prayer. How many times do we pray for everyone else and leave ourselves out of that prayer. I am sure it is a bunch. I know God wants us to ask because He says so in His word many times. I had also went to a ladies retreat a couple of weeks ago and the message was about asking God. I know God is doing a mighty work in each and every one of us and too many times we give up too soon. OK so here is the thought Sports lets say football or even basketball. Well Jesus has the ball!!!!! He has defeated satan, death, hell, and the grave right..He said it is FINISHED, so everything we have need of is right here right now. Jesus has the ball, He is saying let me know when your open..... I Am looking around and waiting for you to tell me you are ready to receive. We are battling all these things and those mountains are the opposite teams, but we have already WON the game!!!!! We need to quit looking at the opponent and tell Jesus we are ready to receive. Can we get a victory DANCE AMEN....

OK so that might be a bit corney, but so what I am excited to receive...
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  1. AWESOME Post! Thank you for sharing this. I would love to share it with my own family who is so very sports oriented. Do you mind?

  2. Noelani, yes you may share this with anyone. Thank you for reading this I never know if anyone does. lol.